What If Wes Anderson Directed The Next X-Men Movie?

Have you ever wondered, what if next X-Men movie is directed by Wes Anderson, the director of last years beloved movie Grand Budapest Hotel.

Think about it! X-Men training in Royal Tenenbaum’s Harlem mansion or you see every member of X-Men is portrayed like a prodigy lacking social skills but hope is always there. And the whole movie narrated in a wry and half sleepy way.

In the video above ,YouTube user Patrick Willems making this “dream” come true with an indie twist on the X-Men series, imagining the mutant world through the magical eyes of Wes Anderson. All of the hallmarks of Wes Anderson’s style are there, from the kitschy costumes, to the dry dialogue, and gimmicky special effects.

Also, see the behind the scenes below.

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