Brilliant Prank: Guy Puts Ikea Painting In Museum and Art Experts Believe It’s Worth Millions!

What is art? What makes an artwork valuable? Especially when it comes to modern art, it is hard to answer these questions.

The LifeHunters, an Internet faction, performed the prank by placing a painting from Ikea’s “Street Art” collection in the Modern Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem to see how people would react.

Visitors described the artist as a man who can “put all of his emotions” in a painting. Best reactions include:

“It’s a depiction of the chaos in his mind”
“You can clearly see that it concerns a form of symbolism”
“It includes nostalgic attributes”

One of the visitors said he would pay 2.5 million euros (about $2.6 million) for this painting, which is actually sold for 10 euros in IKEA!

See how these “art experts” reacted when they realized they were the victims of a prank.

source: time

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