5 Things Elon Musk Does Before 9 a.m To Be Massively Successful

Elon Musk is, without a doubt, one of the greatest person alive today. With paypal he changed how we pay, with Tesla he’s shaping automotive industry and with SpaceX he’s sending rockets to space and he’s bringing them back! And he plans to take humanity to Mars.

You may think that, OK he’s a human like me, so why can’t I do those things as well. To help you we gathered 5 things he and probably other massively successful people do before 9 a.m.

1 – He gets up from the bed! No snoozing!


That is right. He gets up from the bed, pretty early like 5:30 – 6:00 am, without using the evil and alluring snooze button. And instead of turning and tucking in bed for half more hours he gets up straight away.

2 – He Goes to the Toilet for you know what


This one in the image is not his actual toilet but yes, after he gets up from the bed he directly goes to toilet to let the weight of yesterday out of his body. Meantime he gathers his first thoughts for the day, deciding which amazing thing to do that day.

3 – He takes a shower but not for the reason you think!

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He takes a shower right after the toilet time but not for the reason that he stinks, but taking a shower in the morning lets you start the day fresh as a spring flower. Take a shower in the morning, unless your house is freezing and you are sure you’ll get cold. Then pay the gas bill first.

4 – He Eats Real Food for Breakfast

Don't eat this shit for breakfast, or lunch or dinner or ever
Don’t eat this shit for breakfast, or lunch or dinner or ever

He eats real, healthy food for breakfast. Not that sugary stupid cereals, not a stomach melting black coffee, not the stuff that you buy from a dirty bakery on your way to work. He east real deal, high in nutrition breakfast because he know a man is nothing if he haven’t had a decent breakfast in the morning.

5 – He does some sporty things, maybe not number 5 but like before number 3 the shower

He does sport, yoga pilates karate running planking probably one of them. And of course not before breakfast but probably before shower and after toilet. We forgot to put this in the list and we are too lazy to change the order of that. But that is no excuse for you to not to do sports or do sports after breakfast. We are apparently bad example for you.



Our advice: Be less like yourself, be lot like him!

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