This One Comic Perfectly Sums Up What It’s Like To Live With Depression

Living with depression
People who suffer from depression often feel like they’re fighting a hidden battle. Inside of them sits a dark cloud of despair, but outwardly they have to act as though everything is fine. It can be hard for others to understand their plight, which is why this eye-opening cartoon about depression makes a really important point.

Artist Megan Roth managed to capture the day-to-day struggle that comes with depressive disorders, which can make normal activities seem impossible. A simple task like going to work or school becomes a daunting challenge. Even once-enjoyable activities like hanging out with friends can feel like miserable chores. If you’ve ever suffered from depression, the story in this comic is instantly recognizable.

So, the next time someone asks why depression sufferers can’t “snap out of it,” just show them this cartoon. It’ll explain everything they need to know

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