How a Joke Turns Into a Unique Family Tradition: These Two Brothers Have Exchanged the Same Birthday Card for 27 Years

Two brothers, Dave and Bill have been exchanging the same birthday card since 1987. See how a brilliant sense of humour strengthens family ties and creates a unique family tradition over years. 


For all those years, they have also used the same envelope, and the same one dollar bill.


Some captions from the card reveal the brothers’ brilliant sense of humour:

“Dave, Sorry this card is so late!! I have been thinking about you & hope you had a real nice birthday. I talked to mom & she said you got your deer this year. I hunted my [butt] off but still haven’t had any luck… Talk to you later or see you around Christmas Time. –Bill”

“Bill, Sorry this is so late! I’m too cheap to even buy a new card. The front of the card sounds good so I thought you might like it back. Love, Your Brother Dave”


Delivering the card late (or early!) has been a part of the tradition:

“Bill, it’s 2-16-92, if I send this card now you would get it on time, so I’m going to wait and send it next week, so it will be late. Congratulations on the news about the new baby. With love, Dave & Family”

“I’m sorry this card is early! Feb 9, 2001. Only 10 more days ‘til the ‘Black Birthday.’ I think you are going to be 40 if my math is right! Happy 40th! Brother Dave & Family (You must be getting old you put the date in the wrong column on the dollar bill, since you did it I put the date in the wrong column too!!)”

(source: Whatsinthatbox

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