Here’s how much it costs to be bitten by a rattlesnake in America

Europeans already know that the United States’ healthcare system is ludicrously expensive – but this bill for a rattlesnake bite is truly unbelievable.

Todd Fassler, a man from San Diego, shared his medical bill with journalist Dan Haggerty after being bitten by his pet rattlesnake while taking a selfie.


That’s $83,341 on drugs, $22,433 on lab work, $38,991 on rooms, $5,564 on the vaguely-named “emergency care”, $1,423 on the even vaguer “therapy”, $947 on radiology, and $462 on whatever “special services” are.

But at least they gave him two weeks to pay the $153,161.25. That is a good thing?? Right?

Hospital bills that amount to legal fictions certainly don’t help consumers keep themselves out of debt trouble. His bill is a great example — he left the hospital on July 9, 2015. His bill said his $153,000 payment was due by July 27.



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